Hirobel Cycling Solutions

Early Clamp Production

Early Clamp Production

Early Day Hirobel

In 2005, Brandon Hirokawa first saw the need for Hirobel’s flagship product while visiting family in Denver. While at TREADS Bicycle in Parker, Colorado, he watched a mechanic work on an aero carbon-fiber bicycle. The mechanic had no way to secure the bicycle to the stand. Discussions with mechanics in many other shops revealed similar frustrations. Brandon began exploring new ways to work on carbon-fiber bicycles without the possibility of damage. A viable product started to come together in early 2013 when Brandon shared his frustration and ideas with Marc Bellett, a friend who is also an avid cyclist.

Marc’s background in art and general technical design acumen were a perfect match for Brandon’s ideas; the driving concept and initial drawings for the Carbon Frame Clamp were formed over homemade pizza and beer at Marc’s dining room table

Hirobel was founded in 2013 when two friends were inspired to create a company that combined their passion for cycling with their ideas for better tools and accessories for cyclists.


In October 2013, Brandon and Marc formed Hirobel LLC to bring their ideas to market. After hundreds of drawings and many prototypes, they filed for a patent on the idea and began manufacturing. Since Spring 2015 they have been making the Frame Clamp in Northeast Ohio, using local manufacturers to produce the various parts for the clamp. Hirobel is now selling the Frame Clamp internationally, and continuing to educate cyclists about the safest way to work on their bikes.

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Our Future

A growing focus towards high-end custom bicycle exotica that eventually finds its way to all levels of bicycles inspires us to keep innovating and designing products for the industry we love, the people who work in the industry, and the bicycle enthusiast who wants the best products for their passion. Several new team members have been brought on board to share their expertise in managing production, marketing, and promoting sales globally. Work continues to bring to market a number of other projects that will be just as exciting as our first.