Compression Free

You should never clamp frame tubes. The Hirobel Frame Clamp doesn’t break bikes.


The Hirobel Frame Clamp gently cradles bikes. A carbon bike? No problem. A kid’s bike? It’ll fit.

Easy to Use

There’s no trial and error with tension adjustment. Mount the bike and start wrenching.

Get ready to Safely Secure.

Welcome to Hirobel, the home of the revolutionary and innovative Hirobel Frame Clamp. The Hirobel Frame Clamp cradles bicycle frames in a repair stand without dangerous compression. It is the world’s safest and most secure way to clamp a complete bicycle in a repair stand without fear of damaging frame tubes.

What are you waiting for?

The Hirobel Frame Clamp works on almost any kind of bike. Protect your investment with the fast, easy security with a Hirobel Frame Clamp.